"The Hackworth 100"


I am proud to receive these endorsements from so many Dunedin community, neighborhood, and business leaders who have said: "Yes, Bob! You can count on us! We share your goal to make Dunedin the best place to live, work, and raise our families. We know you have the vision and the will to get the job done.

We support your campaign and will encourage our friends and neighbors to do the same. In these critical times, we need your strong bold leadership back in the Mayor's office!"

David Adams Irwin Entel Allen Kynes George Schaefer
Walter Allen Syd Entel Thomas Lanzillotti Kristin Schmitt
Ed Armstrong III Deborah Farley Beverly Leasure Michael Schwartz
Wendy Barmore Lawrence Farley Arthur Leasure Jim Schwegman
Deborah Beaty John Fennessy Jennifer Lederhouse Sabrina Smith
James Beaty Debra Flynn Jason Lesser Peter Smith
Steven Beaty Allison Freeborn Lorraine Long John Stewart, Jr.
Corinne Bello Jeff Fresh Sarah McAdoo Patricia Stough
Tony Beneri Charles Gamble William McElligott Robert Tankel
Susan Benjamin Gail Gamble Cindy McKeever Terri Tankel
Tia Bennett Christopher Giuliana Stacy McMahon James Throne
Catherine Bergmann Trudy Giuliana Michael Ogilvie Jean Throne
Gregory Brady Roger Gridley Robert Moore John Tischner
Michelle Carolan Sandra Gridley Liza Netzley-Hopkins Aimee Trachtenberg
Fred Carolan Robert Hackworth Roy Pesavento Debra Weible
Rod Collman Ed Harris Wilma Pesavento Dianne Giliotti
Cindy Collman Tamara Helms Susan Carter Priest Walt Wickman
Martha de Caussin Dale Carr Robin Rey Bill Francisco
Daniel de Caussin William Honey Michel Rey John Lewis
Joy DiPiero Terry Hopkins Stormy Ritter Dianne Wheatley Gilliotti
Patrick Donoghoe Richard Hutchins Patricia Ann Ritter Wendy Hildabrandt
Donna Donoghue Ann D. Kennedy Donald P. Ross Katrina Cooney
Kevin Donoghue Peter Kreuziger Kristene Ross Penni Eggers
Gladys Douglas Hackworth Mary Kwapil Steven Sandbergen Walter DeFord
John Durica Deborah Kynes Mary Sanders Sam McVicker

Bob adds this important note. "I am very proud to have received these endorsements from Dunedin residents who share my passion for good government and the need to safeguard the vibrant, distinctive Dunedin community so many of us have worked so hard to create. These individuals come from different neighborhoods, political parties, and business communities. It speaks to the type of Mayor I was and will be again — a representative of all the people. I'll work hard each day to restore the faith and confidence that you deserve to have in your local government. There is always a spot left open on this list for you. Add your name to 100 STRONG — BOB FOR DUNEDIN by clicking here!

Endorsed by "Dunedin Fire Fighters Association - Local 2327"

Endorsed by "Equality Florida Action PAC "

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